Additional Services

Lunches prepared in our school kitchen are served at a low cost with milk available for purchase for students bringing their own lunch from home.

Before & After School Care provides students with a safe and caring environment for those hours before and after school while parents are still at work.

Special Education help is available through our special needs aide. A limited number of students, based on greatest need, are able to receive extra help through this program. Academic testing is also available through the local public school systems.

Communication is a critical asset of quality education. Teachers try to keep the lines of communication open and invite parents to call whenever necessary. We also send weekly general information home with each family in something we call the Family Folder. In it you will find a weekly newsletter as well as various other bits of information.

PTO is a valuable organization in our school. It is an opportunity for parents to get involved and meet new families. It is also a way of supporting the general programs of our school. All parents are encouraged to participate in the various activities of the PTO.

Our Fall Festival and Auction is a great opportunity for families to mingle and enjoy a child-friendly or adult evening on the town.  At SBLS, parent volunteers are a vital asset to our school. If you are already a member of the PTO, thank you for your commitment to our students. If you are not yet a member, consider joining the PTO. We value your support!

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